Cosplaying Ghost Rider Fires It Up!

Johnny Blaze!*

We have next to no information on this, other than it was created by Vinny’s Models for showing at the Napoli Comicon.

We know that it’s a working electric motorcycle though, and that it’ll do 35 km/h even with all of the foam and LEDs attached.

We also know that we (well, one of us) here at MF are comic book nerds and with it being Friday, this kind of thing makes us happy.

So have at it… Whatever you do this weekend, make sure you #FireItUp in a Johnny Blaze style!

[fbvideo link=”” width=”688" height=”400" onlyvideo=”1"]


*And yes, for the 0.01% of you who care, we know that this is actually Danny Ketch and not Johnny Blaze – but that makes for less of an exciting sub-heading!

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