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Watch Robbie Maddison break three ‘water bike’ records!

Australian stunt rider breaks three aquatic motorcycle records in one go.

You wait years for a decent ‘motorcycle on water’ story and then two come along in the same day.

Robbie Maddison pretty much set the bar for large, spectacle stunts on a motorcycle. He’s broken numerous world records over the years, including the longest jump ever jump on a motorcycle with a massive 98.43 metre leap, live on ESPN.


In fact he’s never really stopped breaking records, and now – as part of a Samsung S3 smartwatch campaign – he’s broken a couple more.

Three, in fact. And all on a waterbike.

  1. Longest every motorcycle ride on water: 19.8 miles
  2. 58mph: Fastest ever waterbike run
  3. Longest jump from land to water: 61 feet

Pretty good ‘Maddo’. Pretty good.




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