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Girl ‘twerking’ in street causes scary motorcycle crash

There are so many lessons to learn from this video. So. Many. Lessons.

We really don’t enjoy posting crash videos. When we do, we always try to avoid blame and have never posted a bike accident movie just so that we could belittle or take some sort of moral highground. But this one is a little different…

Okay, so here are the points to be learned as far as we can work out:

  1. Dancing in the street should always be done with caution.
  2. Twerking should really be left to the ‘professionals‘. (Yes, we mean people who get paid for it).
  3. Always keep your eyes on the road.
  4. Target fixation is a thing, it’s just that in this case it was the wrong target.
  6. Crying with your finger over the camera and then walking home without checking if the rider or driver are ok is pretty bad form.

In all seriousness – We never like seeing videos like this, so we tried to research this incident a little and it would appear that thankfully the Ukranian rider is alive and well, although they suffered a broken pelvis and a major fracture of his leg.

Please keep your eyes on the road MF’ers.

Or at least your outdoors twerking down to a minimum.


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  • ….whoa.

  • Yeah, seems to me, since she wasn’t “in street”, fault was riders… Good rider should be able to fo… https://t.co/s6UwO8EBwU

  • .strange news flash. Will definitely read about it

  • The girl who looks like a blown tweeker was only present during the crash she didnt cause it. You can plainly see not only by watching the vid but also just by looking at the picture clip of the video above that the driver of the car was at fault after he pulled in front of him no turn signal to get to the driveway. Its a video alright but the title needs a little twerking.

  • I agree the car turned in front of the motor.

  • that wasn’t the dancing – that was him going too fast and a car pulling in front of him.