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This is an 1860’s Steam Powered Motorcycle

Providing a little reminder of how technology constantly changes.

The bike shown in this video, uploaded by Russian YouTuber is a ‘Roper Steam Velocipede’ (or at least an accomplished recreation of one) and is claimed to have been built in 1869.

The original was designed and built by Sylvester H. Roper of Massachusetts, USA who became somewhat famous for his creation after touring it around fairs and circuses across the country.

Among the impressive technological inclusions, is something still standard in motorcycles of today, a twisting throttle grip.

Popular Mechanics have the low-down on how the machine actually works,

“It had a hand-operated water pump mounted on the left forward side of the boiler housing, while oscillating steam cylinders would pivot on each side of the frame.

Piston valves for the cylinders were operated by eccentrics next to their cranks, and the feed-water pump was controlled by the left-cylinder crank.


That sizable tubing at the base of the chimney would create exhaust steam, which provided the forced draft.”


Source: Popular Mechanics via DIGG


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