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Tom Cruise crashes a BMW R nineT in the new Mission: Impossible 6

BMW bikes and cars are all over the new MI:6 movie. Even if Cruise does damage a few in the process.

The last time we saw Tom Cruise on a motorcycle, he was racing BMW S1000RRs around with BSB rider Jenny Tinmouth for MI:5. Now, he’s back and this time it looks like he’s actually allowed to show the bike logos.


BMW have been an exclusive ‘automotive marketing’ partner for the last couple of Mission Impossible movies and despite a stipulation of ‘no lingering logo‘ shots, the teaming of the brand with the movie must have been successful because now they’re back.

In shots released today, Tom Cruise can be seen riding a BMW R nineT Scrambler through the streets of Paris, before getting into a little T-bone trouble with a local’s Peugeot.

The movie isn’t due to be released until July 27th, 2018, and with this Paris footage marking the beginning of shooting on the film, we can probably expect a few more motorcycle related stories from the set filtering through over the coming months.


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  • @BMWMotorradUK @BMWMotorrad Let’s just hope the right engine noise is paired with the image !

  • … 5’5?

  • @BMWMotorradUK @BMWMotorrad ..too bad, he is supposedly a motorcycle aficionado

  • @BMWMotorradUK @BMWMotorrad Is the bike OK?