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VERDICT Meta Review: Harley Davidson Street Rod XG750A

Although it’s been available for review in the United States for a few weeks now, this week sees the first of the European and Indian test riders out on the new Harley Street Rod.

As has now become Motofire tradition, we’re staying with our feet firmly on UK soil and our eyes glued to the Internet; looking out for feelers across social media and other channels to get a sense of what the lucky journalists make of the new machine.

Thursday 20th April


And now the video verdict from the MCN jury is in:


Which is mainly positive, but we can’t help feeling that they’ve slightly damned it with faint praise with the quote of,

“Looks good, handles really well… For a Harley!”

The main feedback though? It’s a good bike, the tyres aren’t great, the footpegs take a while to get used to, but generally Harley-Davidson have done a good job and the MCN pair had a good day out in Spain – which is nice.



We haven’t had to wait too long for an early verdict from British newspaper MCN.


The rider for their test is Adam Child, who is a sportsbike rider by choice, is no stranger to throwing a bike around a twisty road, and he’s not particularly tall either, so if a man with his particular leanings seems impressed, than this can only be a good thing.

Indian site NDTV have posted their early thoughts of the new Street Rod. The full review is up here and worth a read if you’re in the market for the newest Harley-Davidson, but our choice quotes from the write-up are below,

“Apparently there is a customer base which wanted an urban, sporty, entry-level Harley-Davidson. And the result is commendable – it’s a handsome bike from all quarters, and that is reason enough for the aspiring Harley owner to take a second, third, and closer look at the Street Rod.”


“…the Street Rod offers a whole lot of motorcycle, not just for Harley fans, but for anyone who’s looking to get into or get back into motorcycling.”

Which all sounds positive, but there are a couple of downpoints,

“The ergonomics may be sporty, but could have been better. The high footpeg position takes some getting used to and waiting at stop lights, the engine heat gets to you and your right calf touches the exhaust if you’re not careful.”

We’re really looking forward to seeing what the UK journalists have to say about it all.


Whilst we await the thoughts and opinion of the riders on today’s test, we’ve got a little bit of time to read through the US reviews which have already made the rounds.

As always, Cycleworld are as good a place to start as ever, and they’re thoughts as to the new Harley Street Rod – and it’s positioning within the market – are fascinating,

“Is it a perfect package? No. Many may find it uncomfortable, or heavy, but Harley has succeeded in building the Street Rod to attract a customer who wouldn’t look at the brand previously.


From our first ride I can say confidently that the days of waiting for a sport-standard Harley-Davidson are officially over.”

Check out the whole review here, it opens up with the caveat that the bike was tested on the roads around Sturgis, so wasn’t the most dynamic of arenas to ascertain the qualities of the machine.

Will the twisty roads of today’s test route be so forgiving?



It’s morning in southern Spain and everyone is up and about, ready for a good day’s riding by the looks of it.

Plus we’ve got absolute confirmation as to the price – from £6,745 in British pounds. That’s a pretty aggressive price point.



The first rides will be happening on Thursday, just as soon as everyone has had a decent night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast. That includes us, so we’ll sign off now and pick this all back up again in the morning, once people have had the chance to swing their legs over the machine.

Just in case you’re in the area of Spain that the riders are though, here’s a helpful guide to the route that they’ll be taking… Twisty!


Wednesday 19th


Wilkins Harley from Vermont, USA have a tidy little walkaround the bike:



If we were going to trust anyone’s opinion of the new Street Rod, it would be from the British-based magazine, American V. We’re glad they’re out on the launch and are really interested to see what they have to say about the new machine.



A journalist from Overdrive magazine is also out on the Indian launch, and if his opinion is anything to go by, it looks like Harley might just be onto a winner,



The chaps from Auto Today are out on the Indian launch and have some interesting updates from the presentation,

Riding Gallery:


Static Gallery:




83.9 in. (2,130 mm)
Seat Height
30.4 in. (772 mm)
Fuel Capacity
3.5 gal. (13.2 l)
Dry weight
497 lb. (225 kg)


High Output Revolution X™ V-Twin
46 cu in (749 cc)
Engine Torque
47.9 ft-lb (65 Nm)

Wheels & Tyres

Black, 7-Split Open Spoke Cast Aluminum
Tires Front
120/70 R17 V
Tires Rear
160/60 R17 V

Colour Options

Color Options
Vivid Black, Charcoal Denim, and Olive Gold



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