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Lewis Hamilton would like to race MotoGP

Three-times World Champion has expressed a keen interest in racing motorcycles.

We know Lewis loves bikes. He’s spoken positively about them in the past and – despite them causing him some trouble – his love for all things two wheels has never seemed to have abated.

Now, speaking to GPXtra, he’s again expressed an interest in trying out a MotoGP machine.

Having been asked about his opinion with regards to Alonso’s decision to move to Indy 500 from Formula One for a single race, Hamilton didn’t hold back on what it would take for him to skip an F1 round,

“I think it’s great that a driver is able to do that,” the 32-year-old said in Bahrain about Alonso’s decision to take part in the Indy 500 entry.

“I think us drivers should be able to do more than one series. There was a time in the past where there were drivers doing multiple series. I think it’s pretty cool that he’s doing it.


“I wouldn’t miss any of the races in F1, definitely continue to do all the races. But i‘d like to do MotoGP,” he said. “I’d like to ride a MotoGP race.” 

With Rossi speaking every now and then about moving over to four wheels, and Lorenzo having taken a turn in Hamilton’s 2014 Mercedes around Silverstone last year, maybe we could expect a full rider/driver swap in the near future?

Source: GPXtra


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