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GoPro just joined the consumer 360º video fight

Tech giant GoPro have just announced that they are adding a new breed of action camera to their line-up.

The camera is set to output a whopping 5.2k video sphere when it is launched later this year. They are aiming for Summer but judging by recent product launch fail with the Karma drone they will want to be damned sure they nail everything to do with this product before sending it out into the wild.

“What is the point of 360° video” you say? well, right now, it’s a reasonable question to ask. Only in the past year have platforms like YouTube and Facebook started to support the formats of stills and video in 360º and even then nobody seems to use it very well, if they even bother to swipe at all. Here’s where GoPro come in; they talk about launching this with proprietary software to aid the editor in changing the camera angle as the video is rolling, essentially directing the view of the audience to where ever they wish. This and this alone could make the new GoPro a success since the devices themselves have extremely limited appeal.

An interesting quote from CEO Nicolas Woodman “Fusion ensures that traditional content creators will get the shot, while also capturing the unexpected.” Basically when you have that massive high-side on the exit of Druids at Brands Hatch or you low side on the loose gravel car park at bike night, it has literally got you covered from every angle.

As yet there is no mention of price but you can expect it to be in the region of the competition like Nikon’s Keymission 360º at £450/500USD. Due to GoPro’s incredible economies of scale since being owned in part by Foxconn (the makers of Apple’s iPhone) we can definitely expect an aggressive price point at launch as they’ll be aiming high and wanting to place their flag at the top of Mount 360º.

Here at Motofire we have been playing with 360º video but are yet to have huge success since motorcycles tend to create a few more vibrations than is ideal for shooting decent quality video footage.

Last year on the Ducati Multistrada DRE in Tuscany we managed to capture this with the guys from PowerDrift.


If you want to get an idea of what 360º video GoPro’s Fusion can produce then check out their promo video.

As a side to the excitement of the imminent product launch GoPro have invited content producers to apply for their pilot scheme.

Those interested in participating in the pilot program can apply now at www.GoPro.com/Fusion.

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