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Danny MacAskill is in trouble over his latest video stunt

Stunt rider took a trials bike to the Isle of Skye and environmentalists are not happy.

We’re big fans of Danny MacAskill here at Motofire – we’re always on the lookout for his new videos – but not everyone seems quite as impressed with him as us after his latest video posted to his Facebook page.

The biker has been accused of being ‘irresponsible’ after taking a trials bike around the 2,402ft ‘Ben Na Caillich Horshoe’ with his cousin Donnie.

“After 16 years of wondering if it was possible, myself and my cousin Donnie finally took the trials bikes round the Ben Na Caillich Horseshoe and what a fun day it was!!”

Many facebook commentators are in admiration of his riding skills but others have been less than impressed.

Quoted in The Scotsman, David Gibson, CEO of Mountaineering Scotland said, “We’ve admired Danny’s skill, expertise and nerve on his bike, and were thrilled at his exploits on the Inn Pinn.


But we question his judgement about riding a motorcycle on the mountains.

It’s irresponsible, it’s against the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and it results in erosion and degradation of the mountain environment.”


Danny is well known throughout his local community and having watched the video several times now, there is no doubt that he has the biggest of respect for the landscape within which he grew up. It could well be true that activity like this might promote others – with less respectful views – to try similar rides, but we’re pretty certain that none of them will have the same talent to be able to pull it off.



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