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Shark take bite out of the Space race with their ‘lunar lid’

French companies’ Casque La Lune may be just a moonshot too far.

When helmet manufacturer Shark first introduced their Raw (now Drak) helmet to the world in 2013, motorcycling was quite a different place. There was barely a ‘retro’ bike within any big manufacturer’s stable and your choice between lids was essentially, Sporty, Flip-front or Open-faced.

To say that the neo-military/SWAT team styled helmet was divisive would be an understatement. But it wouldn’t be overstating the facts to also say that the goggle/mask combination helmet was a huge sales smash for the French firm, and now – with their Lunar Modular lid – they’re attempting to shake the market up once more.

With HJC screaming to the top of the geek riders’ hearts with their range of both Marvel helmets and Star Wars lids, Shark have set their sights on something less sci-fi but potentially even more nerdy.


Constructed out of the usual EPC but with a newly developed, compactable and deformable, soft, outer ‘3D layer’ the Lunar Lid seems to scream ‘playful’ – just look at the modelled characters across the surface of the helmet – but upon closer inspection the intended nature of the helmet comes to the fore.

Take away the novelty embellishments and it’s clear that Shark are taking this new direction very seriously,

“You only have to look at Dainese’s success with their European Space Agency work to know that the future of the market is space travel’, says Shark President Brodie Martín, “For sure this looks a little kitsch to start with, and in France we have a saying ‘Obedient Garbage‘, which loosely translates as ‘something that tries too hard to make a point’, but this is a statement of intent. We’re aiming for the stars!”.


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