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This Ducati Gaming PC is a MONSTER!

Almost literally.

Built by Juggapat Thonglue from Sign Buri in Thailand, this incredible PC gaming rig looks to be the stuff of dreams for many a motorcycling/videogaming fanatic.

With an Intel Core I7-3770s CPU, Cougar CMX 700w PSU and a Gigabyte GTX 970 Extreme graphics card it’s certainly pushing all the right buttons when it comes to computing hardware, but that’s not why we’re featuring it here.


Inspired by the signature Ducati trellis frame and oozing with what look to be carbon fibre pieces, this is an incredible homage to what we can only assume is Juggapat’s favourite Italian motorcycle manufacturer.

We’ve no idea as to the cost of a set-up like this, but we’re pretty sure it’s going to only just be cheaper than an actual Ducati Monster.

And as for the rumours that this PC is super quick at booting, can only be used after logging in as C. Stoner and that it struggles when it comes to complicated curvature mathematics? That’s just rude.


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  • @DucatiMotor @DucatiUK and only to be used in a dust free area

  • @FlvioSi36328837 @DucatiMotor @DucatiUK its missing a car lighter

  • @FlvioSi36328837 @DucatiMotor @DucatiUK so, not on KIA

  • @DucatiMotor @DucatiUK I would have gone 1080 Ti or twin SLI for such a beasty build