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Help fund Motofire with Patreon.

We started Motofire.com with one mission and one mission only; we wanted to prove that with a little hard work, effort, dedication and above all passion that it was possible to build a motorcycling destination online that people would not only visit, but one that they’d also enjoy.

When we first sat down to discuss what Motofire could really be, both of us [Ian and Steve] were in pretty dark places, both personally and financially. We’d lost our jobs at what is considered the world’s oldest motorcycling newspaper, after spending years trying to persuade our dyed-in-the-wool publisher that things could – and should – be done differently.

As motorcycle ‘consumers’ ourselves, we believed that we knew instinctively what an online audience should be getting when visiting a motorcycling destination online, and as motorcycle publishing professionals we were pretty darn sure that what was out there currently – especially from within our home country of the UK – wasn’t it.

18 months later and we’re proud to say that with a team of just two and a couple of incredible contributors, we’re well on the way towards our goal. And we couldn’t have done that without you – our readers, fans, followers and (let’s be honest) consumers.

We don’t honestly expect anyone to contribute any more to our little corner of the motorcycling universe by doing anything more than reading, watching, viewing and engaging with our work – and for that we can’t thank you enough.

(If you’re one of those people who’ve turned off their ad-blocker for your Motofire.com visits we appreciate that even more! ;p)


But… Producing a website that is updated multiple times a day, running a social media presence, creating weekly live videos and managing YouTube costs more than just time.

So we’re trying something new and have set-up a Patreon page where we’re hoping a few people will donate towards the cause of keeping Motofire.com running AND helping us to expand our content into even greater areas.

And if you – our loyal and dedicated audience member – could see yourselves to donating us just $2 of your hard-earned cash a month, we promise that every penny of it will go towards providing you with even greater, more in-depth and more frequent coverage of the passion that brought us all here – the love of everything motorcycles!

We make a big point on MF of not ruining your visit with pop-up, pop-under, pop-over, pop-corny advertising or sponsored posts that do nothing but get in the way of the content that you’re trying to enjoy. And that is never going to change.

Honestly, you can donate or contribute to Motofire as little or as much as you like, and genuinely – we’re not going to hold it against you if you decide to just continue using your ad-blocker and read/watch all of our stuff for free. Although we’d love it if you would comment or interact with an article or post every now and then.


However you consume Motofire, both of us just want to say thank you for making this past year and a bit so amazing! With your support we know that we’re not far off from completing our mission.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for helping us to #fireitup!

To see what Patreon is all about and to get involved, click here to view our donations page.


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Join us as we aim to lift the coverage of motorcycling online. If it's bikes, then it'll be on Motofire. And don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for all of the latest as well!

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  • i wish i could support You guys… But im a 15 year old whos biggest Investment is my 125ccm license… Maybe in the Future.

  • Hey… You’re supporting us just by being here, reading and interacting with what we do. And we appreciate that more than ANYTHING!

    (And that 125cc license is IMPORTANT! We don’t blame you for putting all your cash into that! It’s exactly what we would do! ;p)

  • Paul Urmston

    How many hits/views are you generating monthly… and how can this not be making money? Sounds like you need to renegotiate your agreements with 3rd party publicity providers.