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Evoke Motorcycles take on Zero in the US with a sub-$10k electric!

Chinese firm launch a sub-$10,000 battery-powered motorcycle in Zero’s backyard.

As the death-knell of Victory’s production electric the Empulse rang at the break of the New Year it was pretty much left to American firm Zero and European company Energica to fly the flag for production electrically-powered motorcycles.

With the major manufacturers still fighting it out and working out exactly what it is that they intend to do with regards to their motorised drive-trains, now is perhaps the best time for an electric start-up to gain some traction… Before the bigger boys inevitably pick up the pace.

Enter Evoke.

Having recently signed a manufacturing deal with Foxconn – the company responsible for putting together Apples’ iPhone, the Chinese electric motorcycle manufacturer yesterday announced that they are opening their order books for their new flagship Urban S bike both in China and the US of A.

And it’s priced aggressively low (for an electric at least).

With a $200 deposit, a customer can ‘lock-in’ a pre-order price of just $9,400 for the circa 70 mile ranged machine. And with a 19kW motor spinning up a top speed of 81 mph, it’s relatively competitive in the all-important commuter market too.

Like most new manufacturers coming into the market, it’s not without at least one quirk however. Because the clutch is no longer needed, the rear brake has been moved up and onto the bars – like a bicycle – which whilst potentially welcoming for new riders, will take a little getting used to for those of us with ‘clutch-grab’ memorised by our muscles.


As time moves on, things are definitely hotting up within the electric motorcycle arena.

Source: Evoke Motorcycles


Top Speed 130 km/h (81 mph)
Acceleration (0 – 50 km/h) 2.5 seconds
Max power 19 kW
Max torque 86 lb-ft
Motor type hub motor
Controller 400A DC wave controller with regenerative braking
City* 133 km (83 miles)
Highway, 80 km/h (50 mph)* 80 km (50 miles)
Battery type 99.2v, 60ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Evoke PowerPack
Rated nominal capacity 9.0 kWh
Standard charge time (0-100% DOD, typical) 8 hours
(3 hours with optional Fast Charger to 80%)
Front Brakes Dual disc, 4 piston hydraulic 300×4 mm
Rear Brakes Single disc, 2 piston hydraulic 220×4 mm
Front Suspension 42mm inverted fork, dual shock
Rear Suspension Single shock rear
Front Wheel 3.00×17 cast aluminum
Rear Wheel 3.00×17 built-in hub motor
w/ cast aluminum wheel
Front Tire 110/70-17
Rear Tire 140/70-17
Curb Weight 180 kg
Carrying Capacity 150 kg
Wheelbase 1360 mm (54.4 inches)
Length 2030 mm (81.2 inches)
Width (excluding mirrors) 710 mm (28.4 inches)
Seat Height 780 mm (31.2 inches)
Ground Clearance 130 mm (5.2 inches)



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  • @EvokeMotorcycle looks like a real bike, well done.

  • Ralf

    9kWh out off a 99.2V 60Ah Battery? Must be some kind of black magic, but definetly not physics.

    A 400ccm scooter has about 220…295 lb-ft (300…400 Nm) at the (smaler) wheel. So 86 lb-ft (116.6 Nm) is not that impressive.