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Thieves steal Guy Martin’s ‘beer-pump clip’

The search is on for suspected souvenir hunter that took custom ‘Skull and Spanners’ badge.

Guy Martin is a road-racer, TV personality and public house owner. He’s now also a victim of a heinous crime, as it’s believed that a thief has stolen a customised ‘Skull and Spanners’ beer-pump clip from his Marrowbone & Cleaver pub; the one that he owns in Kirmington with his sister Sally.


Writing on the pub’s Facebook page, Sally posted, “Genuine fans would not do this … thank you to all the genuine, lovely customers we have. It’s a shame a small percentage have to spoil it for the rest of us.”

It would seem that some fans will do anything for a souvenir. Perhaps even more so when there’s alcohol involved!

Source: Grimsby Telegraph


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  • ..if they lost their cajones, they would quit stealing!

  • wow…

  • Total scum who ever did that, and obviously not a fan, as a fan wouldnt do that, a fan would just take a pic as memobillia.

  • lol evil thieves

  • why is this one “guy martins?” …

  • ..only a real scumbag would do this. Cut his hand off when he is caught.

  • yep read about that about 4 months ago

  • It’s ok because doom bar is there and nims a beauti

  • That’s F’ed up

  • Stu

    Am I missing something here. “Heinous crime”, it’s beer pump clip…

  • .hasn’t this turned up yet?

  • That’s thieves for you, they’ll steal anything.