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This hoverbike looks lethal!

The latest creation by russian company Hoversurf is cool and everything, but this can’t end well can it?

This is the Scorpion-3 from Russian drone manufacturer, Hoversurf. It’s a single-seat, electrically powered bike that hovers and looks as if it’s just moments away from causing a catastrophic injury of ‘that Nazi in the first Indian Jones movie’ proportions.

Hoversurf have said that they wanted to build an ‘extreme sports instrument’ based around the notion of a flying motorcycle, and they certainly nailed the ‘extreme’ part of that equation; nothing says danger more than having rotating blades inches away from your knees!

(If the truth be told, we’d probably still have a go if offered though).


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  • nice death trap! I can make something so much better, safer. Whose the dingos behind these whack prototypes nowadays

  • Horrible design

  • We can’t work out why they’d not put protection on it

  • This design with ducted fans has an assymetrical fan orientation so it can still fly if you loose a fan http://www.hover-bike.com/

  • ..if it doesn’t crash, you may only lose a limb!

  • when you absolutely positively need to kill yourself and everyone around you buy 1 of these bad boys

  • especially amongst all those girders and beams!!!!

  • Just wondering what it’s like on a dry sandy beach.

  • Lol only lethal if you fall off

  • Radioactive? Might be a great way to grow some new bodyparts and loose them right after. Not the best place to hover around