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Victory Motorcycles is closing down

Polaris pull the plug on the entire range of Victory Motorcycles and their operations.

Parent company Polaris – the same people who own Indian Motorcycles – have announced today that their cruiser brand, Victory, will no longer trade. The decision is effective immediately.

In a statement released today, the Chairman and CEO of Polaris, Scott Jones expressed his difficulty in making the decision to close the factory doors,
“This was an incredibly difficult decision for me, my team and the Polaris Board of Directors. Over the past 18 years, we have invested not only resources, but our hearts and souls, into forging the Victory Motorcycles brand, and we are exceptionally proud of what our team has accomplished. Since inception, our teams have designed and produced nearly 60 Victory models that have been honoured with 25 of the industry’s top awards. The experience, knowledge, infrastructure and capability we’ve built in those 18 years gave us the confidence to acquire and develop the Indian Motorcycle brand, so I would like to express my gratitude to everyone associated with Victory Motorcycles and celebrate your many contributions.”


When the purchase of Indian Motorcycles was made in 2011, many questioned the immediate future of Victory – with the two brands being seemingly close in alignment – and with the Indian Scout taking over the launch duties from what was due to be Victory’s new Octane motorcycle at the time, the positioning of Victory within the Polaris structure seemed even more doubtful over recent months.

“This decision will improve the profitability of Polaris and our global motorcycle business, and will materially improve our competitive stance in the industry” – Scott Wine

Polaris themselves quote several factors for their decision to close down the company, with ‘competitive pressures’, a struggle to establish market share and the performance and potential growth of Indian Motorcycles as the main causes of the closure.

Polaris have stated that they will continue to support the Victory machines already on the road by supplying dealers with parts for the next ten years.


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  • Dave Sebastian

    Wow ! I hate to hear that.

  • Fingers Palmer

  • Andy Hollingdale…just as well you traded!

  • Disappointing, but not that surprising.

  • Such a shame but glad I did the deal when I did

  • That was short lived….what about spares without them the bikes will become worthless

  • No competition for harley-davidson. Not good.

  • 10yrs of spares production by the company in the same announcement

  • they will end up like the xs650 in the end

  • Dave Kellaway

  • Yeah that’s cool, their newest bikes weren’t as cool as mine anyway!

  • Except for Indian?

  • Tyler Siege Ireson good news for Harley maybe

  • To a point. Unfortunately Indian are more or less the same price so if you were gonna bike a cruiser you might as well buy Harley as their residuals are much better. Just my opinion of course.

  • Doug Luke Debbie Desimone Luke Jamie Pardee

  • I supose they never made the impact that their Indians have already made

  • Robert Stowers… dang it man

  • Jason Kirby

  • Ahh Feck !!!

  • Gutted.

  • Gutted.

  • Harleys are shite as well

  • I know man, i know. I was seriously thinking about upgrading to a magnum later on for my road scoot.

  • they need to put their minds together and put thetwo togetherand comeup with a new style machine victorygot some great points

  • Mike Brasher

    Arlen Ness & his sons made a major commitment to Victory, so I think that will affect them immensely.

  • Kevin Lovley

  • Kenny Morran you fancied an Eight Ball at one time didn’t you?

  • Real shame to hear this. Had a 2012 Victory Judge, lovely engine, fast and tight but shit handling for English A & B roads tbh and very basic. No rubber engine mounts/or handlebar/footrests meant numb/badly tingly hands after an hour. But the handling/suspension was the biggest niggle for me. Just wanted to go straight everytime you tried to line it up for a corner, scared the crap out of me a couple of times. Sold it last year & bought a Rocket Roadster, no looking back, was throwing it into bends within 20mins of its maiden voyage. But it’s a shame to hear this news all the same. Far better engineered engine than a Harley.

  • Trust us to buy a dud lol

  • Well they have promised support and parts for the next ten years … that will do me , I’ll be 70 then !

  • Well they have promised support and parts for the next ten years … that will do me , I’ll be 70 then !

  • Well they have promised support and parts for the next ten years … that will do me , I’ll be 70 then !

  • Eight ball was my second choice
    The Hammer was my first choice

  • Spares for ten years !!!! After that you won’t be able to give em away , who would want a bike you can’t get spares for !!!! Feel sorry for any owners , probably taking a right financial hit because of this.

  • Hate to think about it. It’s gonna be a case of sell it fast before everyone knows

  • Gavin GrizzlyBear Waker, seen this?

  • Indian was the obvious one to concentrate on

  • Do you own one?

  • Own one?

  • No, but was twitching at one.

  • Guess my lovely Victory Vision Tour is destined for the scrap heap now. Such a joy to ride as well!

  • Me too. Was just about to take a test ride as Harleys don’t appeal.

  • Marc Curnow close call

  • Jonathan Mellish take a look at what SHAW SPEED & CUSTOM do then think about those Harley’s again

  • Great bike! We love them.

  • Marc Curnow haha some are awesome

  • Marc Curnow haha some are awesome

  • Michael cheap victory?

  • Garry Dunn

  • Drive by saltire,might find them next tae the bin just take wan away,parts fur 10 year.

  • Several yrs ago I was chatting with a dealer who told me, “If they’d made these 25 years ago I’d never have bought a Harley!”

  • Be a lot appearing on Bike Trader in the morning

  • I think it will add value as they will be more desirable, if people can keep Vincents, Norton, lambretta, the old Indians etc going for 60 years and be worth more than most that stayed in production, then I wouldn’t worry too much!

  • Jerelyn LeMay

    Boyfriend just bought a new one in November – has 4 miles on it. He is NOT a happy person today.

  • Major surprise, had a victory hammer and was recently thinking about getting rid of the z1000sx and getting another one. Don’t think I will bother now. Great bike. Superbly engineered and finished , plus fun

  • They’ll be cheap soon if you change your mind

  • Craig Goodridge definitely

  • Jerad Lang

  • MotoFire very true and so well made. Maybe , have to think about it

  • Didn’t you want one Jason Reed

  • Haha, you took your time !

  • Yeah I know gutting ain’t it

  • Never cared for the hideous stylings of the Victory bikes…. that said. If you own one, like it.. what’s it matter if they close the line? You will have support for 10 years to come. And the parts will be around for another 10 yrs after! How many vintage and custom cars have no OEM supply, yet they are on the streets in every state of the union. If you like these machines. Keep em! Buy another cheap from those who can’t live without a moco! You will be fine!!!

  • Yes ,
    Victory Judge custom

  • Wow

  • Might get one now seeing as they’ll be cheap as

  • Mark was it a victory you were looking at?

  • Sure, resell is better with Harley, but the styling/engine specs etc vary enough to have a good bit of competition. Polaris need to work on that Indian image more, get it really competing.

  • Sad news, love these bikes, though could never afford one.

  • Michael Edwards

  • .. Sorry to hear that Victory is closing down. Guess Victory’s business will go to Indian.

  • Guessing they’ll be concentrating on the Indian brand, much stronger image and more history to compete with HD.

  • Shame in every respect!

  • Shame to see the make go styling was good at the start but gone like harley lost there way I own an early fat boy and a suzuki 1800 intruder it would have been a victory but I had a brand new suzuki for the price of a second hand victory the suzuki is a lovely beast

  • Yip, so it’ll be a collector item

  • Mongo_the_GoofyBastard

    If he looks after it and gives it regular maitenance it’ll last and eventually appreciate in value. Vincents, Crockers, Indians, nortons in decent condition auction for a pretty high price. This could be good for current Victory owners.

  • Mongo_the_GoofyBastard

    Does this mean Indian will have more models available? They need something between tiny Scout and bulky Chief.

  • Jonathan Peters

  • Or drop off a cliff in prices!

  • Didnae like um anyhoo

  • Alan Tickle

    I have just bought a 2012 arlen ness victory vision in australia so i think it will be collectors item in years to come https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e25dd1a44394a5c098c355276c09c1816662d5aef49e09d551ad9aaa0f777a22.jpg

  • Mik Iz Gutted. Great machine. Ten years of spares availablility is decent though. Not too much to worry about

  • Norton stopped the commando 1976 and I still get parts now

  • Looked at a Victory at the bike show for a display the build quality was awful not surprised

  • Phil Cox Direct from Norton???

  • You much have been looking at a different Victory to everyone else. The build on them was great.
    Difficult to say until you’ve lived with one really

  • MotoFire No but better parts made by different companies

  • Can still buy a Commando from Norvil, brand new!

  • Rusty Kat

    Woohoo! There will be some cheap Victory motorcycles going very soon as dealers sell off their stock! I’m ‘gunna git me one’!

  • Phil Cox someone will buy the old stock and they will still be around

  • Tom Obrien but they fetch good money right?

  • Woody

    WHAT a great loss.victory is a very well built bike.I just purchased my second one and will always enjoy riding it!

  • Ian

  • Ian Price

  • and I wanted to buy 1 oh well shit happens

  • Grenville Davies

  • Shame nice looking bikes
    But will help Harley

  • Ask any Buell owner, values have shot up so don’t panic sell

  • exactly that

  • that was half the problem, the price was high

  • I don’t think the demise of the Victory should sound the death toll for current owners. I would imagine if the quality build is as good as folk say , there should be no worry for the life span of the marquey . Unless you smash the front end or fail to check the oil , then I would not be overly perturbed at the closure of the Victiry…

  • Sting

    I bet that electric bike is uber rare. I’d like to have one and put it in a barn…it’ll be worth a fortune one day for its rarity.

  • Anthony Privitera

    let’s hope!

  • What! Victory MC? Closing? Really?