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Triumph win deal to supply Moto2 engines

British manufacturer to take over from Honda with their new 750cc triple engine.

We were already excited about the launch of the new Street Triple on Tuesday 10th of January, but with reports over the weekend of Triumph signing a deal to supply the official Moto2 engines from 2018, our interested pique is now off of the charts!

Rumours have been rife for a few months, with some speculating that the series might even see multiple engines from multiple firms, but the clever money was always that the supplier would be limited to a single manufacturer.

And now, it would appear – if reports from Bike Sport News are to be believed – that this manufacturer will be Triumph.

Currently the series is based upon the Honda CBR600RR engine, and with Honda pulling the plug on this bike from their line-up, it was clear that a new supplier would need to have been found.

And why should non-sports watchers care?

Because if this is true then it could well point towards the rebirth of the Daytona 765; a machine that we absolutely love here at MFHQ but one that we believed was all but extinct after it had been quietly erased from the British firm’s range.


No official announcement has been made. But with the new season soon arriving, it won’t be long until the PR ramping up begins.

H/T: Asphalt & Rubber

Source: BSN


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  • …if true, wow, Honda pulling the CBR600 and wow, wow, Triumph getting the contract. Go Britain Go British. All I can say…

  • Wow. This is a turn up for the books. Well done Triumph!!

  • If this is to be believed then how great!!

  • I hope so, just to show that we can still work with Japan outside of E.U, which will hopefully calm down the pessimistic minority.

  • Great news

  • Sure is

  • Sweet!❤