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Riding a Drift Trike through Cheddar Gorge is reckless and dangerous – but looks awesome

Pedal-powered tricycles being ridden – and crashed – along the winding roads of Britain’s Mendip hills branded as ‘terrifying’.

On 15th of December last year, a collection of Drift Trike clubs joined-up for a quick spin/skid down through some of the country’s most beautiful, natural habitat. But not everyone is happy…


After a video taking by JR Drift Trikes surfaced today, the local council and police have been extremely vocal in their condemnation,

Councillor Peter Colton says that he doesn’t understand why people would do this in the Cheddar Gorge and condemns this behaviour on what is a public road.

And local police have also been up-in-arms,

We have seen the recent film of the drift trikes in Cheddar and we are now investigating as there were several offences committed, and there is legislation under the Road Traffic Act that applies to pedal cycles.”

“Riding in such a way that you purposefully end up in the path of oncoming traffic, particularly around blind bends and at high-speed, is incredibly dangerous, it is also very selfish.” – Inspector Andy Pritchard, Avon & Somerset Police


Interestingly, the video that has gained most attention – from the BBC’s Points West news programme, has replaced the original hiphop soundtrack on the video – the legend that is Nas no less – with something a little more rock influenced and dare-we-say-it, more stereotypical towards those who’d get a kick out of such reckless, gnarly, behaviour.

And we’d be lying if we said that w weren’t suffering from mixed-emotions on this here at MFHQ too.

Because yes, it is absolutely dangerous and if the footage were of motorcyclists putting themselves into the path of oncoming traffic in that way we’d be mortified at the idea.

But it just looks like so much fun, it’s hard not to want to go out and try a little ‘triking’ on our own. Maybe we’d be sure to stick to our side of the road though…

What’s worse? Wanting to join in on some Drift Trike action despite disagreeing with the endangerment of the public, or wanting to do that whilst being forty years old?


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  • CRAZY!!!!

  • on open roads through cheddar gorge is ridiculous, narrowly avoided a pair of these clowns going under car in the blackdowns

  • Crazzzzyy wouldn’t mind shot body’s no feeling from waist down now found new sport

  • @pitlane_girl
    It must break some rule in Highway Code, surely. Its too much fun.

  • I have got to have a go on one of those!

  • *prewatch* I already know when I watch this it’s going to be like the first time I watched a squirrel suit video….