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LIVE: Triumph launch [New Street Triple incoming!]

It was teased before the holidays and now it’s finally here. Or at least, we think it will be.

January 10th was the date Triumph gave us for our calendars with a ‘save the date’ note. Instantly we racked our brains to wonder what would be on the horizon and then we remembered the rumours of a new Street Triple for 2017.



Triumph had huge issues with the launch stream tonight, so we weren’t able to embed it. Here’s what they had to say on the matter,

“Dear Triumph fans,

We apologise for the delay in the live launch event.

Due to a technical issue with the number of fans trying to view the launch, we were unable to bring you the live reveal as planned.”

So… Luckily we’ve got the whole launch video here for you below:


And here is the first video…

And then we saw the teaser image for the launch and we realised that this is almost certainly, exactly, definitely what the new launch will be.

It’s a core bike for the British manufacturer and in the past few years the naked, streetbike market has been upturned with the likes of Yamaha’s MT range getting in on the action, so a lot is expected of the new machine.

Not to mention that if rumours are true, it’s this engine that will be the heart of the new Moto2 machines.


Triumph themselves are using the #GameChanger, so they must be pretty confident.

We’ll know for sure at 7pm tonight (GMT) – and we’ll be covering the launch live (or at least watching it like you on the live stream), so swing by for the latest chat…

For more information, check out the Triumph site.



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  • @OfficialTriumph eh?

  • @OfficialTriumph always been one of my fav that and the Daytona. Just sucks that parts are outrages

  • @OfficialTriumph new Street triple!? I think I’m going to die with excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!