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Liam Neeson won’t ever ride a motorcycle

You can tick those TT movie rumours off from your list.

A few months ago we broke the story about a TT-based motorcycle movie set to be directed by Ben Younger. We were cautiously optimistic because we’ve had our hearts broken before by the phrase ‘hollywood motorcycle movie’ (Yes, we’re looking directly at you Biker Boyz!), but after a brief Facebook chat with Mr Younger, we felt suitably reassured.

And then the Matt Damon and Liam Neeson rumours started. We wrote about how irresponsible and plain wrong this story was at the time, but now – as if there were any doubt – we’d like to point you in the direction of this great interview with Liam Neeson over on Men’s Journal.

It’s a great read for anyone who has even a passing interest in what has been a fascinating tail-end to an equally intriguing acting career – those Taken movies really did take him by surprise – but the main takeaway for us whilst reading it was this quote,

One thing Neeson absolutely won’t do anymore is ride a motorcycle — ever since a horrifying crash in 2000 nearly killed him. “I’ve read a couple of scripts where the character’s on a motorbike, and I’m like, ‘Is this important to the script?’ ‘Yeah, it is.’ ‘OK, I’m not in.’ ”

He was never touted to play a rider in the movie, but after a collision that saw Neeson hit a tree whilst riding his motorcycle, the Irish actor broke his pelvis and swore to his wife, Natasha Richardson, that he’d never take up motorcycling again. This is the same Natasha Richardson whom sadly lost her life after complications to an injury she suffered whilst skiing in 2009 of course, so it’s understandable how he could have steered himself away from some of the more dangerous pursuits in life.

Later on in the article, after the interviewer talks about his recent accident on a bike, he replies with the following,

“You have to watch yourself… Get it out of your system. Make a pact with your wife. And don’t cheat on it.”


It seems fairly clear that whilst there is definitely a TT Movie on the slate for a 2018 release, you won’t find Neeson’s name on the poster.

And if anyone says otherwise, he will come for them. He will find them… (etc)


Source: Mens Journal


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  • que triste

  • .. “a man has to know his limitations”. Guess it his decision. Maybe lessons would have helped him before 2000.

  • JD

    his loss

  • I’m available and can already ride a motorcycle

  • “I have a unique set of skills…”

  • he’s just too busy, always looking for someone…

  • I don’t know about, that but he KNOWS WHERE TO FIND ONE!