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Is this the best motorcycle job of all time?

Do you love riding motorcycles? Do you enjoy medical cannabis?

Craigslist is a wonderful place. A scary, often disturbing and frequently strange corner of the internet, but wonderful.

We often get lost down a rabbit hole when browsing its classifieds and more often than not find something that we’re far too embarrassed to admit to having looked at, but today something has attracted our attention and we just couldn’t not share it.

Lifted Health & Wellness is a medical cannabis motorcycle delivery collective and have been working within the San Francisco area since 2010, and now they’re looking for more couriers.

Yes, you heard right. For $15 an hour (plus tips) some chance at a few free samples and discount off of your own [medical] weed, you could be just the person that they’re looking for. They’ll let you ride your own bike – but reimburse you for expenses and wear and tear – or they have a fleet of their own machines.

The only downside, they mention on the ad that they ‘keep a tight schedule, so the ability to efficiently make your way around the city while staying safe is of paramount importance’.


That’s not something we could feel confident in doing after we’ve had our daily ‘medication’.

H/T: Motorcycle.com

Source: Craigslist



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  • John this is brilliant

  • yes yes yes!

  • Fast Suzuki

    I did it when I needed cash for a bit, and will never do it again. Far too much risk for far too little reward. The cool factor runs out real quick, especially when you’re splitting lanes in the middle of a goddamn El Niño storm trying to get someone their goddamn edibles, and you still have 4 more deliveries to make on your run. Riders get hurt all the time and you assume all of your own liability… But hey, I survived and its now a cool story. And to all you customers – for christsakes, tip your driver well…they’re only risking their lives for your lazy medicated ass.

  • riding acquaintances are rushing to the US embassy . @POTUS won’t let them in !! https://t.co/x26EZo77BT

  • .Don’t want bananas off the left side. Good for mushy baby food.

  • Uuuummm is he hauling Coco??