Today is perfect for watching Roland Sands' Hooligan Indian Scout jump a riverbed. - Motofire

Today is perfect for watching Roland Sands’ Hooligan Indian Scout jump a riverbed.

Now that the festivities are in that middle, lull period, it’s the perfect time to watch videos of people messing about on motorcycles.

If the weather isn’t what you’d hoped it would be, or you’ve just eaten far too much and can’t manage to extricate yourself from the sofa, then the only alternative from getting out and riding your own bike is to spend the day watching other people having fun on them instead.

To that end, here’s Troy Huff riding the Roland Sand Indian Scout on a sunny California afternoon and making an epic – but slightly painful looking – jump over a riverbed.


It’s a heavy bike at 218kg but the guys from Roland Sands reckon that the high-revving V-Twin is deceptively responsive in the dirt.

It certainly looks like it here.

(And it’s definitely a better jump than the last time we featured the bike here on MF ;p)


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