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Rossi to replace Rosberg at Mercedes F1? “How could I say no?”

Mercedes F1 boss “I’d love to test the skill of Rossi in our car!”

Earlier this year, three-time MotoGP Champion Jorge Lorenzo grabbed a chance to test the Mercedes F1 teams’ 2014 car at Silverstone, later calling it a ‘dream come true’. The reports of Lorenzo’s time on track were pretty favourable, with many quoting his times as genuinely ‘competitive’.

Now, it would appear that the Mercedes F1 boss would like to extend the experience to MotoGP legend, Valentino Rossi. And Rossi isn’t entirely closed to the idea…

Speaking to Gazzetta Della Sport in December, Toto Wolff half-joked about Rossi taking control of Rosberg’s now vacant seat, ‘I am aware that our sport is a show, and I’d really like to test the skills of Rossi in our cars!’.

Rossi is no stranger to F1 driving of course, having tested out the Ferrari’s from Maranello on several occasions. So he wouldn’t defect to a German manufacturer would he?

“How could I say no, I was lucky enough to try the Ferrari, and I am very good friends with many guys in Maranello, so perhaps it would be a half betrayal… But how can you not try the Mercedes if they do ask? It would be very difficult to say no”.


And what about being offered the seat of retiring champion Nico Rosberg for next year?

“I don’t know… It would be nice”, smiled Rossi when asked the question by Sky Sports, “If they do want to call me, Wolff’s got my number!”.

That’s certainly not a definite ‘no’.


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  • Possible

  • Never happen as Rossi is a bigger personality than Hamilton and Hamilton would be over shadowed in the puplicty stakes and he could not handle Rossi if he was to play mind games on him

  • Forza Doctor!

  • Jason Jason Freeman dean Dean Hedges??

  • He wouldn’t do it. He can’t kick anyone in a car.

  • If you can’t hire a driver who’s going to fight for the championship hire one who’s going to grab all the headlines…
    That’s said, it’s never going to happen.
    There is also a small issue of Rossi being contractually obliged for the next two seasons too…

  • Kieran, Chris..

  • Winter media pranks

  • Would be good for MotoGP eventually if he left. Let MotoGP get on with moving on. He’s already been beaten soundly by 3 other world champs. I’d like to see him get his 10th but then piss off. Don’t think that’ll happen now. Yet another te mate will kick his arse in Maverick Vinales.
    If an Rossititsi start slagging me off feel free but don’t expect a reply.

  • Twat

  • Twat

  • Rossi?? He is a bit.

  • James Jennings yes you’re twat mate

  • Sharon Guy haha this would be tragic for MotoGP but class for F1.

  • Okay mate.

  • RossitheKing <3

  • Bruno Santos naahhh mate.

  • Tom Roberts

  • hehehe he was when all the Bikes were the same anyways ;)

  • Bruno Santos he was… but not anymore. Time to move over.

  • Bruno Santos he was… but not anymore. Time to move over.

  • haha James Jennings still doesnt mean he aint the best in Moto Gp Ever

  • Bruno Santos for now… give Marquez a few more years. He’s gunna show Rossi right up.

  • Would b good to see , x

  • …perhaps he is too old now, but nice to give it a try.

  • lol

  • I believe Marquez is only oerson out there that could come close to Rossi in terms of titles….BUT…. only a silly man would right Rossi off. He may be old but he still has it. I think it’s worth a tenner on Maverick for the title next yr. Marquez jumped straight on a championship winning bike…. Rossi built his yamaha from scratch with Burgess to a winning machine in welkome all those yrs ago. Legend in his own life time.

  • It’s not April yet.

  • Haha it’s possible, the man is fast in a car

  • Bobby Schumacher

    I agree

  • Bobby Schumacher

    Anyways shut up all you fools. This isn’t about moto gp, idiots. It’s about his opportunity to drive a Mercedes F1 car. And it would never happen. He was and still can be a great moto gp rider. But the new driver for Mercedes F1 will be someone else. Would be nice to see another German driver for a German ride.

  • He’s not a robot this is his year at moto gp he knows it it’s just to test there is a rally driver testing it aswell

  • Leigh Beck interesting

  • I thought Rossi tested with Ferrari back in 2010 and drove faster than the Ferrari team drivers did in 2009

  • Rossi no good in an F1 car? He got within 1 second of Michael Schumacher’s lap record at Fiorano in an F1 car…. Not bad if you ask me….

  • People saying Rossi no good in F1 car. He got within 1 second of Schumacher’s lap record at Fiorano if i rememee correctly…..
    Not saying he would be up to speed over full season but you never know. Not gonna happen anyway. Motogp contract in place and Yamaha might have something to say. But so did Rosberg and look what happened…….

  • would have liked to have seen seb Vettel there

  • Would be great 2 see Rossi in the Mercedes.