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Video: If you can be anyone in 2017, be *this* guy

Knowledge is power.

Excuse us whilst we get a little introspective here on Motofire for a moment. It’s the end of what has been a fascinating year for us – and for the world as a whole – and well… If you can’t get a little sentimental on New Year’s Eve then when can you?

This amazing video popped up on our Facebook feed this morning and we can’t help but feel that it echoes a lot of how we feel about life. And we’re proud to say that we associate very strongly with the guy who starts at the rear of the grid for this Flat Track race.

At the front of the pack are two riders who are all supremely kitted up in tidy, one-piece leathers and matching Suzuki GSXR’s. These guys look legit. They’re the kind of people who you see day in day out who make you feel just a little bit uncomfortable with yourself – like they somehow know something that you don’t. They’ve got all the kit and you know full well that if they were riding with you, they’d be stopping every few miles to let you know just how ‘epic’ that last corner was for them, or how amazing their new, fresh-out-the-box suspension upgrade feels over the stock machine’s.

They don’t seem to enjoy the ride, they just seem to enjoy telling everyone how much better they are than the rest of you.

Then, just a little further behind are the guys who actually seem to know something that even the chaps upfront don’t…

The Supermoto machines that they’re riding really look the business. If you’re going to have to carve up some dirt on track, then surely these are the motorcycles that you’d want to be piloting? With their off-road spec’d kit and open-faced lid with goggles, it’s pretty clear to all watching that these two riders are the ones who really have their game on point.

But you can’t just shake the feeling that perhaps they’re trying just a little too hard. Sometimes All The Gear, No Idea is as pointless as having a clue but not knowing how to solve the puzzle.

But just look at the man at the end.

At the back of the pack of five – on his own – is a man wearing ridiculous, NFL-esque armour, draped in a yellow jersey and with a bike that looks like it’s been built by himself in his back yard. Skinny tyres sit upfront and his handle-bars look bent beyond recognition. This guy is clearly an idiot who has bitten off way more than he can chew by even entering this race with the very-obvious-professionals who sit on the grid in front of him.

Just watch


It’s almost as if by breaking all of the supposed rules, trying something new and not giving a **** about the established status-quo the man in yellow has proved that a maverick might just be what the race needs.

One day, we’ll all be riding like the dude in yellow.

If you can be anything in life, always choose to be the man in yellow. It doesn’t matter what other people think of you, or if you give off the impression that you really know what you’re doing; when all you’ve done is just invest in what someone else told you was the ‘right kit’.


What matters is that you believe in yourself, believe in your ideas and have the courage to stand up for your convictions.

Now if that isn’t a metaphor for life (or at the very least the market that Motofire has been in for the past year) then we don’t know what is!

We’re like a motorcycling Hans Christian Andersen.


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  • Nice. But where’s the video?

  • It’s in there! Click on the ‘watch’ link if it’s not showing on your phone…

  • I must be being stupid. I only see an image on the page. No video

  • @Paul_Kasner Ever heard of “autorace”? # 5 is an autorace speedway bike.

  • Looks like a Handicap race? Still love to know more about this sport.

  • Ah, I see it now I’m not on mobile.

  • Looks like a special one-track series:
    What is Oval Super Battle?
    It is the first “everyday bike martial arts battle” that is organized by autorace. The two-wheel fastest “road racer” can win “auto racer” with “oval course”! Is it? Let’s witness the confrontation of Japan’s top active “road racer” and “Auto Racer” earning tens of millions of yen annually!

  • I like the sound of bike martial arts battle though

  • Better still to be Sir Jeremy Invoice, tweed jacket flapping in the slipstream as he beats them all on his 1922 Rudge Sparrow

  • I think my mate @robwill45 will appreciate this article

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