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Witchdoctor summons bee swarm to stop motorcycle thief

That’s one way to go about it we suppose.

In what is perhaps the strangest headline we’ve ever written – and we’ve written a few – local news reports from Mbooni, Makueni in Kenya are claiming that a motorcyclist has managed to recover his bike from a thief after asking the local witchdoctor for help.

The witchdoctor – who presumably went through a few other options before coming up on this particular, cunning plan – allegedly contacted a large swarm of bees that had already begun to invade a local market, and sent them to track down the stolen motorcycle instead.


The thief is said to have run off for ‘dear life’ as the bees began settling onto the yoke and tank of the bike.

The reports then go on to suggest that the bees also protected the bike from any further interruption for over half and hour until the owner could arrive, who then took his motorcycle home.


After a little investigation it would seem that all isn’t what it seems. According to a local website, the swarm was merely an act of nature and nothing supernatural at all.

The Assistant Chief of the area, Patrick Mwanzia, said that the swarm arrived after the queen of the hive got stuck within the bike’s handlebars. And, in fact, a similar incident had happened just days before when another bike was covered in a swarm for over two hours.

Which is all well and good, but how did the queen get there in the first place eh? See, that’s just what they want you to think!



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