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There are some stunning bikes for sale at the Las Vegas auction this month

These are our pick of the motorcycles for sale at the Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction later this month.

Bonham’s are hosting their seventh, annual Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction at the Rio Hotel & Casino on Thursday, January 26th and once again there are some stunning – or at the very least, interesting – machines up for purchase.

We’ve taken a quick look through the catalogue and have chosen those bikes that we’d love to be able to throw our (imaginary) cash at…

1958 Ducati 125 GP

$100,000 – 130,000 | £82,000 – 110,000

This fully restored 125 GP racer was designed by the legend that was Fabio Taglioni and proved an unbeatable machine in its class.

It’s famed for being a landmark design in the history of motorcycles, because it was on this machine that Taglioni debuted their ‘desmodromic’ valve actuation method.

Plus, it just looks so beautiful.

1912 Harley-Davidson X8E Big Twin (once owned by Steve McQueen)

$100,000 – 120,000 | £82,000 – 98,000

It’s been certified that Steve McQueen rode this bike at least once at a ‘pre-1916’ motorcycle rally. But whilst that McQueen ownership might be the reason that this bike is of interest to many, it’s also possibly the reason for the slightly less than perfect paint finish.

The rumours are that McQueen and his friend Von Dutch took a red rattle-can of paint to the bike after a late night whiskey session.

1955 Vincent 998cc Black Prince

$90,000 – 120,000 | £74,000 – 98,000

Okay, so first things first, we need to admit that we’re suckers here for body work. If it’s got any additional fairing on it, then we’re in…

So this Vincent hits all of our right buttons. Philip Vincent designed the Series-D as the ultimate ‘gentlemen’s motorcycle’, believing that weather protection and an enclosed engine and gearbox would make the bike far more clean and tidy. The model didn’t last however, and just six-months after production begin, the series D stopped being built.

Just 200 of these enclosed models were built.

1912 Flying Merkel Twin Belt Drive

$110,000 – 150,000 | £110,000 – 120,000

If you’re at all familiar with the story of motorcycling in North America, then you’ll know the name Merkel.

Joseph Merkel was one of the brightest innovators of early US motorcycles and it’s pretty well noted that Mr Harley and both Davidson lads took advantage of Merkel’s frame designs for their prototype machine.

This V-Twin is a 1912 example of the ‘Flying Merkel’ that was the first of the V-Twins produced by the company. Available in either Royal Blue or Merkel Orange, this restored version also comes with an extra bottle of the Orange paint used during the restoration.

1936 Crocker ‘Hemi Head’

$500,000 – 600,000 | £410,000 – 490,000

The Crocker has been referred to as the ‘Brough of the US’; it’s a marque with mystique and reverence. That’s why this one of only seven surviving ‘Hemi Head’ Crockers is commanding such a high price.

Crocker himself worked at Indian early on in his career and even ran a business that supplied Indian’s engineering department with components for a while. But this V-Twin was developed with Paul Bigsby in 1935 and began the ‘Bobber’ craze long before it really took hold towards the end of World War II.

1976 Honda MT125 Elsinore

$1,000 – 1,500 | £820 – 1,200

With all of the exorbitant prices being offered, it’s a relief to see something a little more palatable on the menu.

And with the current Scrambler trend showing now signs of abating, why not spend a fraction of the new Ducati or BMW Scrambler price on this original Honda two-stoke beauty.


At 40 years old, it may need a little care and attention, but with just 1300 miles on the clock, it’s barely been run in.

For a closer look at the whole auction, you can check out the entire catalogue online here.

This time next year Rodney


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