Lego is amazing. BMW R60's are beautiful. This Lego R60/2 is amazingly beautiful - Motofire

Lego is amazing. BMW R60’s are beautiful. This Lego R60/2 is amazingly beautiful

There is nothing that Lego can’t do.

Motorcycles made out of Lego aren’t anything new. We’ve seen a few sets here at Motofire and there are even a few official ones floating around the manufacturer stores this holiday season.

But this 1967 BMW R60/2 reproduced from the little, Danish bricks is another level of stunning.

The engine looks pretty darn accurate, with the space surrounding it and that curved frame neigh-on perfect. And look at that sweep on the exhaust.

Here’s what the builder has to say about it:

“This is the 1967 BMW R60/2. Known across the world for its ruggedness and reliability, the R60 could provide a steady ride to rider and passenger alike. Nowadays, this vintage bike is still as reliable as it was 50 years ago.”



“This Lego model was made for a friend and fellow Lego enthusiast to commemorate his father, who would take him on rides in this very motorcycle through the countryside. It is constructed to match all the various specifications and details of the original bike, including the unique triangular front fork, hand brakes, a fuel tank, twin engines, a tire inflator, twin engines, and a side car (as of now still a work in progress), as well as a rotating handlebars and a retractable kickstand.”

And the better news? Lego Ideas builder MaximeCheng03 is currently considering a sidecar outfit to go alongside it.


So get over to the official Lego Ideas site and vote… You could help this become an actual, official kit.

And look, it’s even Star Wars Stormtrooper scale.

Don’t let the fact that Lego is going to increase in price by 5% here in the UK put you off! Beautiful and clever things are worth paying extra for.


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  • I love that. I thought the VW camper was amazing, but that BMW is way cooler.

  • Cool! To quote Fish from Marillion “I’m a citizen of Legoland I’m travelling incommunicado” (well not so much on that maybe)

  • Had to take a double take on that. Neat

  • I wish to have one