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Holiday Cheer: Rambo the motorcycling alligator allowed to stay with owner!

Forget all of the rest of 2016’s ‘Annus Horribilis’, because rambo is riding free once more.

Back in March of 2016, the story of Rambo the ‘motorcycling alligator’ gained international attention, it was a sad, woeful story and one in which it looked like he was about to be evicted from his home with ‘owner’ Mary Thorn.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission had told Thorn that Rambo was too large for the property that she owned and would have to be moved to an area of land measuring at least 2.5 acres – by law all alligators over six feet are required a specific amount of land if they are to be kept on a property.


Mary Thorn had argued that Rambo had an immune disorder that makes him sensitive to sunlight; Rambo stays indoors primarily, is docile having lived with Thorn since birth and even requires sunblock to be applied to him liberally during the hotter months.

Now though, news reaches us of a holiday miracle!

Rambo has been allowed to stay with Mary. So the motorcycling alligator rides again… Although Thorn isn’t allowed to exhibit him in public without tape around his mouth anymore.


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  • ah here, I’ve seen it all now, lol.

  • ..great news? The owner lives not too far away. We have plenty of nuts here. Owner and Rambo have same size brain.