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British man sets new land speed record, on a Monowheel!

Ok, so it’s not the fastest machine on land ever – that was set by the Thrust SSC in 1997 when it hit 760mph – but this one achieved on just ONE wheel.

Kevin Scott built his Monowheel motorcycle from a 200c go-kart engine. It’s 59 inches tall and the only way to steer it is by leaning, but that hasn’t stopped him from grabbing the official speed World Record.


The previous record was held by American Kerry McClean in 2001 – with a relatively blistering speed of 57 mph.


But now the record is officially 61.18 mph.

And all whilst Scott by his own admission is ‘still learning how to steer’ the thing.

Also, who knew that the UK had an official Monowheel team?!



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