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This is what John McGuinness’s 2016 TT Zero bike sounds like!

The [Honda] Mugen Shinden Go is the bike that will probably win the IomTT Zero race this year.

It’s the fifth iteration of their TT racing superbike and if John McGuinness does what everyone expects him to in June, it’ll be the third consecutive victory for the Japanese firm.

It was officially unveiled at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show this week, and Mugen are rightfully excited about it.

Also – as if in a pre-emptive strike at everyone on the Internet who will instantly complain that electric bikes ‘don’t sound right’ –  they made a big deal of revving the bad boy up on stage.

And it sounds ace!


This is the information that we’ve managed to get hold of from the official Mugen website:

Major parts including battery system, motor, and frame on the new machine have all been newly developed, reflecting knowledge gained through the races of the past four years.

Alongside the improved output of the power systems, battery and motor, the cooling system has also been improved in order to access the increased power.

A monocoque type frame is chosen for optimum lightness and stiffness, and to improve the aerodynamics, while at the same time permitting the battery to be positioned inside the frame.


Cross link rocker rear suspension, designed and manufactured by M-Tec, is adopted to make space for the huge battery, helping to improve the machine’s responsiveness.

And these are the specs:

  • Machine Name: SHINDEN GO
  • Overall Length/width/height (mm): 2,125/680/1,130
  • Ground Clearance (mm): 130
  • Seat Height (mm): 810
  • Total Weight (kg): 250
  • Tire (Front): 120/70ZR17M/C (58W)
  • Tire (Rear): 200/55ZR17M/C (78W)
  • Frame: CFRP Monocoque frame
  • Motor Type: Oil-cooled, 3-phase, Brushless Motor
  • Maximum Output (kW[PS]): 120[163.2]
  • Maximum Torque (Nm [kgfm]) :210 [21.4]
  • Battery Specification: Laminate-type Lithium-ion
  • Battery Output Voltage (V): 370 or more

Can’t wait to see – and hear! – this monster making its way up the Mountain course.


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  • @jm130tt can it be registered ,..insured and driven on the street ..or just strictly racing..? Tks.. I loving it ..

  • nilobee

    Sounds like a Japanese porn star in the middle of an orgasm.

  • @jm130tt terrifying!

  • JD

    @jm130tt sounds a bit F1. Scary!